The Internet of Things (Environmental Observation)

We provide design consulting for IoT devices & applications in the areas of Smart Water, Energy & Resources management, Industrial Automation, Security, Supply chain & Beacon based devices & applications.

We offer sensor based embedded systems integration with cloud services to accelerate IoT deployments. Our expertise includes on Sensors, 8-Bit & 32-Bit ARM Microcontroller based designs, Wireless ( GSM/ GPRS, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wifi, LoRa, LTE, Solar Panel), Networking protocol implementation, Web control design & integration of Cloud – App services.

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We also support I.T.- Cloud applications focussed customers implement sensors – embedded wireless solutions integration to extend their IoT service offerings.  Our Global IoT Technology Center is a valuable one-stop learning & design resource for all designers & decision makers in technology selection & implementation.

Our best solution for Environment Observation :

Developed with precision and expertise

At Nusa Network Prakarsa we take care to ensure that each of our products is expertly crafted and share the same core characteristics:

Published on 22 November 2018